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"Speak your Truth, Your voice Matters!" - Dr. Ketra

Life After Advocacy Group, Inc., Overview

Life After Advocacy Group, Inc. The mission of LAAG, Inc. is to assist children, men, and women in promoting a balanced life after being sexually abused by creating a confident, caring, and personal environment. The doors of LAAG, Inc. opened in April of 2004. It was Dr. Ketra's personal experience with childhood sexual abuse.  She spent the early years of her life in a dark place, and after years of rehabilitation through counseling, it became her quest to help others who were victims of sexual abuse.  Over the past twenty years, Life After Advocacy Group, Inc. has served in the local community with advocates and organizations to bring awareness, prevention, and hope to the victims, survivors, and families. The primary target age group and service audiences are 18+ and older. 


Since the incorporation of LAAG, Inc., we have served hundreds of women, men, and children through awareness and prevention, client services, workshops, seminars, and training. As of 2024, the organization's current focus is community awareness, prevention, training, and advocacy.


The organization stats as of 2021-2024 are:

  • Awareness and Prevention Training     100%

  • Advocacy                                              100%

  • Client Services (referral liaison)           100%

  • Community Outreach                            100%


LAAG, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to promoting awareness and prevention in sexual, verbal, emotional, and physical abuse by identifying, admitting, and advocating education within the church body and community.   

Sexual Assault Resources

No one has to face sexual assault alone. Here’s where to get additional help:


For more information, contact us at

Call 911 in the case of an emergency.

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