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Leadership Seminars

Revisit, Innovate, Reengage

Leadership Training is What We Do!

Rock Dimensional Consulting firm conducts an 8-hr, 6-hr, or 4-hr, leadership seminar. The seminar attendees have consistently rated this workshop as a highly effective and interactive experience. However, opportunities for structured training in leadership competencies during the subsequent five to ten years are limited. Given the success of the Leadership ReCourse seminar and the need for continuity in this model of leadership training, we also conduct a half-day workshop for new and current leaders to foster continued organizational training.

The seminar curriculum focuses on the leadership areas of strategy, structure, culture, teams, performance management & assessments, leadership styles, and leadership development which manages the organizational structure and navigate leadership transitions. Also, the curriculum emphasizes both short-term competencies, such as effective participation as a member of a leadership team, and long-term competencies, such as the leadership of a research team, division, or department. The inaugural leadership training seminar, held in April 2018, was assessed by leader participants to be well organized and highly relevant to leadership concepts and skills. Each session attendee will receive an interactive training manual that will is a personal reference guide.

The overall purpose of the Leadership ReCourse seminar is to Revisit, Innovate, and ReEngage the fundamental aspects of leadership development and the importance of continuously developing leaders worldwide.

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*All sessions include the interactive training manual*

Leadership ReCourse Training Manual
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